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Video conferencing and schools during the pandemic

Schools and teachers have had to think up new ways of educating and enthusing their students during lockdown. I’m full of admiration for the way they’ve kept things going under really difficult conditions, not least by their use of the various video and remote conferencing platforms, bringing the classroom into children’s homes. In the same way, they’ve brought the outside world into the classroom!

I’ve been really pleased to have been invited to talk to children about my books through Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other amazing technological wizardry.

So the next few weeks will continue to be busy ones for me, with several invitations to talk to children about Treason, Deep Secret and Street Child, all from the sanctuary of my writing room. Thank you!

Berlie Doherty on a video conference call with Glynwood Primary School, March 2021
On a video conference call with Glynwood Primary school, March 2021


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