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Three-page feature in Derbyshire Life magazine

3-page Feature In Derbyshire Life Magazine
Cover of The Haunted Hills by Berlie Doherty

The very attractive glossy magazine Derbyshire Life (online version is subscription only) has been very supportive of my writing over the years, and is once again is celebrating my two new books this year. In a three page Meet the Author spread, journalist Mike Smith introduces my novel for adults Rose Doran Dreams and my new children’s book for 10+, The Haunted Hills. Both books are set in Derbyshire, and both are published this year.

Rose Doran Dreams by Berlie Doherty

Mike Smith writes: ‘The cottage in Edale, where the author lives, is surrounded by the highest hills and most remote valleys of the Peak District, which have provided the material for many of her best-loves stories, including Children of Winter, Jeannie of White Peak Farm and Deep Secret.

‘Her new book, The Haunted Hills, is no exception. It was inspired by the legend of ‘the lost lad’, the story of a farm lad who was walking his dog on Derwent Edge and became lost in a blizzard and died.’

The Derbyshire Life article also reviews my novel for adults, Rose Doran Dreams as ‘a spell-binding psychological fairy tale which traces one woman’s escape from loneliness and unfulfillment into an imaginary world that becomes even more disturbing than reality… an enthralling, beautifully written story.’

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