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Rose Doran Dreams – my new ebook is OUT NOW!

Cover Of Rose Doran Dreams By Berlie Doherty
Rose Doran Dreams by Berlie Doherty

I’m delighted to announce that my ebook Rose Doran Dreams was published on 31 March 2022 and is OUT NOW.

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This is a project which has been dear to my heart for several years, and which I was able to realise over the last few months of 2021. Rose Doran Dreams is a novel for adults, and to distinguish it from my children’s books I am publishing it under the slightly tweaked name of Berlie W Doherty.

Rose Doran Dreams takes us on a psychological journey through the imaginings of a lonely and loveless young woman. Everything she wishes for is lost or out of reach, and she resorts to fantastical imaginings, fuelled by her exotic and strange neighbour Paedric. Real events become filled with wonder or foreboding, to haunt her day and night dreams. The magical stories from her childhood or from her imagination become darker and wilder, until she is no longer in control of them.

If this begins to feel a little bit familiar, have a look at my Rose Doran Dreams page and find out why. Meanwhile, I invite you to read the novel for yourself. Be prepared to be a little disturbed, a little enchanted, and to open your mind to the chilling power of the imagination.

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