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5 best children’s books about refugees and asylum seekers

5 Best Children’s Books About Refugees And Asylum Seekers
The Girl Who Saw Lions by Berlie Doherty

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The flight and plight of refugees is constantly in the news at the moment, from harrowing stories of families left homeless and children parentless by the devastating effects of war, plague, famine, global warming and torture, to the pitiful images of people of all ages risking their lives to find a safe haven somewhere. It is not a new phenomenon, and over the years many children’s books have touched on this subject.

When he read my own children’s novel about a Tanzanian asylum seeker, The Girl Who Saw Lions, book blogger Ben Fox invited me to submit a page featuring my novel and recommending five more children’s books about asylum seekers and refugees.

Here is the link to my page on this very popular book review site Shepherd.

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