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MY NEW WEBSITE, now with a blog!

Welcome to my new website!

Visitors who are familiar with my website will find many changes in the layout and the content, especially on the books pages. For instance, teachers and students will find added background information and teaching material to add to their classroom resources. There’s new information, based on the kind of things people have asked me or searched for. And also, there are plenty of suggestions for creative writing.

There are lots more photographs and images. I’m sure you’ll agree that my new website looks really attractive, thanks to my brilliant designer Paul Jackson and to the portrait photographer and videographer, Richard Harland. Basically, all I do is write the words! And provide the facts, of course. Oh, and write the books in the first place!

Even so, I’ve worked very hard, so I do hope you will find my new website helpful and informative, and that you’ll all enjoy browsing through the page.

My blog

My new website also includes a blog, and for my first two posts I’ve reviewed two books, The Swallows’ Flight and Shadow Time Stories. The Swallows’ Flight (published May 27th) is the sequel to Hilary McKay’s highly acclaimed The Skylarks’ War, winner of the Costa Children’s Book Award. Shadow Time Stories, by the German writer Lilo Beil, is a very different book, yet The Second World War is the background to both.

Naturally, I’d love to know your thoughts, too. Each of my blog posts has a comments box at the bottom, so maybe you would like to suggest other books on similar subjects.

The Swallows’ Flight by Hilary McKay
Shadow Time Stories (Schattenzeit Geschichten) by Lilo Beil

Future blog posts on my website

Future subjects for my blogs will be Jim Jarvis and Dr Barnardo, writing poetry, book reviews, writing historical fiction, and many other topics. Again, I’d love to know if there are any particular topics you’d like me to cover.


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